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PostSubject: Please Read   Please Read Icon_minitimeTue Apr 10, 2007 11:03 pm

Quote :
This post may be added to or changed at any given time.

so it was only a matter of time till this got posted. Its like real
life in that no one ever sues you until you're making money they
aren't. Same applies here. There isn't a need for a document like this
until a lot of people join a community. We are at that crossroad. This
Far Cry community site is getting a lot of members. That's an awesome

Please read the following carefully.

First and
foremost, don't consider the following rules. It simply isn't that.
Rules are made, according to some, to be broken. We arent about that
here. Read this more as a statement by us the admins to you, the
community, and extending a warm welcome to our site.

To be
direct, this is a document for the entire community, without exception
of any particular person, even the one writing it. There is no shaded
area. Its pretty straight forward for all of those who read.

you don't understand it's contents, then you shouldn't be here. It's
really that simple. You'll notice it's a sticky, and you dont have the
ability to reply or make a post of your own here. This is information
from the admins, to the community. Again, it's for you to read, and
hopefully remember when you're participating here.

Freedom to be
you. A very important point. We want all community members to be
themselves. Dont change for us by any means. Be you. It takes a mix of
different people to make the Far Cry world go around. Everyone has an
opinion and everyone needs to be tolerant of others and their opinions.
Open debate is encouraged, and is welcome. Have at it.

to be disrespectful. This is not something you possess. Don't ever
think you do. You will find we are a pretty easy going bunch here.
Admins, as well as community members. Your being a memeber here is a
privilege, NOT a right. Keep that in mind. doesn't owe you
anything, nor do you owe us anything, EXCEPT to be respectful to fellow
community members.

Our understanding, which should be your
understanding, is we like to let people say anything they want - within
reason, and there is a lot of room there for that. Common sense is
something we believe everyone has. Everyone knowing using it -- is not
something we believe. See where we are going with this?

being said, everyone is free to talk about anything they want - again,
within reason -- We understand that passion for the Far Cry world is
something a lot of us share. Thats a good thing. What we will not
understand is personal attacks on fellow community members of any
nature. Its not necessary, and kind of brings the rich interactive
experience way down into the gutter. Not something anyone wants to
waste time reading or being a part of.

Endless, constant,
neverending rants, threads and or posts about people here in the
community and their behavior that you don't agree with, companies that
make products we enjoy -- sidebar or at least
act like you do and keep bitching about it - which btw we would give
the advice, that if you hate the product so much, why keep using it. We
are confused. That doesnt mean we need to understand it, so please dont
keep feeling the need to try and explain it endlessly to us all. Please
move onto the next engaging topic if you would end sidebar

community is for all members of the Far Cry world. Let us explain,
again being very clear. There are 3 games for the Xbox and Xbox 360 in
the Far Cry Series. There is Far Cry Instincts (Xbox), Far Cry
Evolutions (Xbox) and Far Cry Instincts Predator. All three are
featured here. Gamers still play all three. Our thought is maybe those
that play Evolutions and Instincts arent speaking up, because they dont
think there is a community for that game. But there is. If you play
these games all you have to do is look, or post in a forum. There is a
support of a community here for them. Its not all about the latest and
greatest. Speak up LOL ...

We can say it a million times, in a
million different ways. This is a unique community. You will find very
few on the net like it, this we guarantee. You have an opportunity here
to do something really cool. We are telling you this so that you know
about it and can get the most out of the site, and the community. We
can't be any more straight forward then that. It's plain and simple,
state what you want to see here, and what features you would like, and
we will see if, within reason, we can make it happen. Its really that
simple. No really it is, believe us.

Through your posts and
input here at the site, you have the chance here to make something you
want to see within the community happen. Yes, we are asking openly for
your input, ideas, and anything and everything you would like to see us
try and make happen. You actually have to participate and voice your
opinion in order for this to happen. How many places can you go on the
net and people give you that opportunity?

Remember, we are
realists here, so thinking that by becoming a member and being a part
of a community you should all get Xbox 360's? Yeah, probably not what
we call reasonable. Holding a map making contest whereby the winner
gets their choice of a Xbox or 360 game as a prize, now thats something
we think is possible. We said possible, we didnt say its gauranteed.
Thats a good sounding idea to us though. You have to voice your opinion
and let us know your thoughts on something like that.

thats how the community rolls. Be respectful, talk about all things Far
Cry (Instincts, Evolutions, Instincts Predator) and most importantly
have a great time!

Im always approachable and I will get back to
you with any questions you have. My schedule is busy, but I will tell
you this. You write me a message, again, within reason, and Ill be sure
and answer it at the very least.

Taylor (who owns this site)
is a programmer and the technical guru. He makes things work here. He
has asked me to be the community guide. That doesnt mean you can't
write Taylor. By all means, do so. But understand that he is very busy.
He and I have spoken and we have agreed that I would answer anything
for you I can, and if need be, I will defer to him for an answer.

last thing. We started off saying that we are at a crossroad. That was
a pretty direct statement. You were right in thinking it meant
something. Stick around to find out what that something is .... Until

Respect. Input. Ideas. Features. Fun.

Learn it. Live it

EB Stone
Xbox Live Gametag : ebstone

ok i qouted this from
and i wanted to let you guys know that what EB said for their site will apply to this site as well.
thanks for being a part of this growing community.
The Govener

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